Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you say QCon is a conference by practioners for practitioners?

At QCon, we prefer Engineers over Evangelists, Practicitioners over Trainers/Coaches, and Team Leads over Consultants. That is not to say we don't find value on the people on the right, we just prefer those on the left. This simple mantra guides our editorial content. We want to hear from the people who are living with decisions and implementations. This is core to what makes QCon QCon.


What does QCon do to support diversity and inclusion?

At QCon, we want to foster an environment that is both diverse and inclusive. The ideas and thoughts generated within a diverse group tend to be more innovative and thought provoking. This atmosphere characterizes the very essence of QCon. You will find more details on our diversity page.

If there is something that would make you feel more welcome, you feel we’re missing at the conference, or would like more information on, please let us know at


What do you say that there is no hidden marketing?

Outside of the main 8 tracks, QCon may offer additional sponsored presentations. If a track is sponsored by a vendor, it is clearly labeled as sponsored. One of the core tenants of QCon is transparency, you will never find sponsored content hidden into the main editorial content at the conference.


Is there a call for papers?

We don’t have a call for papers per se, as we prefer to hand pick our speakers to guarantee relevant and timely content. All speakers are vetted and invited by our Program Committee of experts. We make sure that our speakers have all the coaching and support needed in order to deliver the best presentations possible. They are invited to two series of training webinars, to an individual interview with our Conference Chair, and to a presentation rehearsal with a member of the QCon Peer Community Rehearsal - with one of our speakers who received 80% or more of green votes. We don't have a CFP; we do, however, have a submission form for spontaneous submissions on


What are the criteria that a QCon presentation has to meet?

The QCon conference Program Committee focuses on presentations that deliver a change in how the attendees will want to work, or knowledge of an important innovation that they will be recommending on their next project or to their peers. A presentation should be of general of interest to a broad audience and not tied to using a specific product. We believe in product-agnostic talks.


Is QCon right for me? What are the attendees' job roles?

39% of our attendees are at the level of Technical Team Lead and higher (including):

  • Technical Team Lead
  • Senior Management (VP, CTO, CIO, Director)
  • Architect: Technical / Application (platform specific)
  • Enterprise Architect / Chief Architect
  • Architect: Solution / Systems
  • Technical Project Manager

30% are Software Developer / Programmer/ Engineer

30% are Senior Developer / Engineer


What are the different sessions and peer sharing opportunities offered?

At QCon, you’ll attend 50-minute long presentations, keynotes, you may attend panels, Open Space sessions or Ask Me Anything sessions with the speakers (AMAs). There is also one optional workshop day if you purchase a 3-day ticket. You’ll be able to network with similar-minded attendees during the 25-minute breaks (referred to as “the hallway track"), at breakfast and lunch and during the coffee breaks.

Are meals included?

A light welcome coffee break is provided each morning prior to the scheduled start time of sessions. Each day there are morning and afternoon refreshment breaks, and a buffet lunch will be provided. Vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free options will be available. Menu items are labeled to assist with identifying allergens and food sensitivities. The menu will be available in the mobile app.


Is there a discount for registering early?

Absolutely. We offer "early bird" discounts to attendees who register early. Please visit our registration page to consult our pricing table.


What discounts do you offer? How do I apply for a discount?

We offer discounts for groups as small as three attendees on tickets purchased after April 3rd, 2020.

Please email with the number of attendees you would like to register and we will send you a custom promo code. You will be able to register as a group or individually with the code. Discounts cannot be combined or applied retroactively. No discounts can be applied while in our early bird pricing. Discounts will be available after March 3rd, 2020. 

At this time, we do not offer any discount for non-profit companies or students. Be sure to follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter to learn about our special offers.

After I register, will I receive a physical ticket?

No, you will not receive a physical ticket. You will be able to pick your badge on site on the first morning that you attend the conference.

A photo ID is required in order to pick up your badge.


Is there a special hotel rate for QCon attendees?

Yes! Attendees can book a room at the conference venue at a QCon negotiated rate. You will find more details on our venue page. We recommend that you book your hotel room early as the special rate is on first come, first-served basis for a limited number of nights.


Can I get an invitation letter for a visa application or border control?

In order to request an invitation letter, please email us at the following information: full name as on passport, date of birth, company name, position, nationality, city and country of residence.

We encourage you to apply for a visa before buying a conference ticket as we will not refund your registration fee if your visa application is turned down.

How do I select my workshops?

If you purchased a ticket including a workshop, you will receive an email with your access code to login on the QCon website and pick your workshops online, approximately 6 weeks prior to the conference.

You have to select specific workshops before the conference and you have to be on the class list of the workshop(s) you want to attend. You need to pick your workshops ASAP to secure your seat as workshops have limited availability and selections are on a first-come, first-served basis. Please check your spams if you can't find the email from


How do I add a workshop to my ticket?

You can either upgrade your ticket directly on the “my account” page after you have logged in, or by emailing us at


Do I need to preselect the presentations I want to attend?

You do not have to pre-register in advance for the presentations you wish to attend. We do, however, recommend that you use the online schedule builder tool and/or the mobile app to pre-select in advance the sessions you plan to attend. We actually use this data to project room attendance, so by building your personal schedule, you help us map talk interest to appropriately sized session rooms.


When and how can I connect to my QCon online account and app to build my personal schedule?

Workshop attendees will receive access codes to login to their account to make their workshop selection about six weeks prior to the conference. All attendees will be emailed their access codes a couple of weeks prior to the conference, once the schedule builder is available. Authenticating to the site enables your custom schedule builder. Once logged in, from the schedule page, simply click on the (+) next to your selected talk and the cell will turn yellow. Those same codes will give attendees access to the event mobile app.


Will the presentation slides be available?

Yes. Most presentation slides will be available on the QCon schedule page after the conference. Please note that a few sessions have a "no slides" icon in the schedule if the speaker does not plan on sharing any slides.

Is there a volunteer program?

Yes! You can find more details on our volunteer page.


Can I transfer my registration to another attendee?

If you can no longer attend the conference, you can transfer your registration to another person if you send a transfer request by email to by Friday, October 2nd, 2020. Please include the following details for the new attendee: first name, last name, email, position, company, and phone number, and include the approval of the buyer if the buyer is not the attendee who is requesting the transfer.

While the first ticket transfer is free of charge, we will charge a fee of 50€ for all subsequent name transfers on the same ticket or those that are requested after the deadline of Friday, October 2nd, 2020.

Can I cancel my registration and get a refund?

We do not offer refunds. Once paid, registration fees for QCon are non-refundable. However, you can transfer your registration to another person. (See details above.)


Why do I need to be charged VAT on this ticket purchase?

The place of supply of services in respect of admission to this QCon event is dictated by where the event actually takes place. In this case, as the conference is to be held in Munich, the VAT place of supply is Germany and so we are required to charge German VAT to an attendee and file and submit the VAT charged to the appropriate Finanzamt (tax office).